Welcome to the  The Hill High School website

Background Of The School
The school was started in 1950 and will be 72 years old this year.  

Our Schools Name
The Hill High School

Our Motto
“ Gradatim – Step by step ”  

Mission Statement 
The Hill High School aims to: 
·         Effectively utilise available resources. 
·         Create and maintain a nurturing, respectful environment. 
·         Ensure accountability and responsibility. 
·         Develop a qualified, motivated staff. 
·         Encourage the involvement of stakeholders in a transparent process of life-long learning.  

Vision Statement
To develop an educational institution which encourages a striving for excellence in all areas and to eventually produce responsible, educated citizens for our country.  

Our Aims 
* To have a good future  
* To pass with good grades  
* To be law abiding citizens  
* To become independent adults  

The School's Code Of Conduct

1. Pupils are expected to be loyal to the school and to do all possible to enhance the reputation of the school. 
 2. Pupils are to assist in keeping the building and grounds neat and clean. All litter is to be deposited in refuse bins. 
 3. No pupil shall bring discredit to the school by any unseemly behaviour at school, in any public place or at any other school. 
 4. Pupils on school premises or in uniform outside the school premises may not possess tobacco, alcohol, drugs, weapons or any allied entity. 
 5. Pupils waiting for buses before or after school need to do so in an orderly manner and behave in accordance with the instructions of the driver or person officially in charge. 
 6. Behaviour on corridors and staircases needs to be orderly, brisk and pupils are to move quickly to classes. 
 7. No pupil may leave the school grounds during school hours unless signed off by the Head of Grade, Head of Department or secretary in the front office. Failing to do so will be considered as bunking. 
 8. Absenteeism or missing from class/school will only he excused on receipt of a letter from the parent/guardian/teacher. Doctors certificates are required if absent for more than two consecutive days and when examinations and cycle test' are missed. 
 9. School facilities which may pose danger (such as the swimming pool or gym hall) may not be used unless a member of staff is present. Use of any other school facilities, without supervision, requires the permission of the Principal. 
 10. Pupils of The Hill High School are required to be courteous at all times. 
 11. Pupils need to have respect for their school uniform at all times, to create uniformity and unity and to maintain equality. 
 12. Fighting or bullying before, during or after school will not be tolerated. 
 13. There may be no intimate physical contact. This implies that contact may not be of a passionate nature and should be in accordance with accepted behaviour in a working environment. This would include not holding hands when in school uniform. 14. Theft, graffiti and vandalism will not be tolerated. 15. Pupils are not allowed visitors on the school premises without a visitors permit. (This does not apply to parents or guardians) 
 16. Discrimination of race, gender and religion will not be tolerated. 
 17. All pupils need to abide by the Drug Policy of the school. 
 18. Pupils should work to their full potential and strive to achieve academic excellence. 
 19. No illegal acts, such as gambling or the selling of any item/s, will be tolerated or the school grounds.